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Life Sucks!

I have a friend who has gone through more than his fair share of hardship in the last couple of years and it has affected his attitude and outlook on life. He was always a pretty positive person that chose … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

The second book recommend for study is the all time classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is the book that is considered by many, many people to be the best business and personal success tool ever created. … Continue reading

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The Truth About Winning

It seems crass to write about Winning in light of the devastation in Haiti caused by the recent earthquake. Yet nothing can be done to fix the past, we can only react to it. This has been one of my … Continue reading

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Be A Worthy Role Model

Whether we know it or not just about every adult is a role model of one sort or another. Somebody, somewhere looks to you for inspiration. The question is whether we are a positive role model or a negative role … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions – Bogus or Beneficial?

Just like almost everybody I know over the years I have made these great New Years Resolutions! I’m going to lose weight, quit smoking, be nicer, make a million bucks, etc… And Just like most other people I spend the … Continue reading

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