Are You Ready For The Future?

It’s a new year, and no, I did not make any resolutions. I have found that it is nearly a tradition to break a New Years resolution. What works for me is having regularly viewed goals and a work plan to achieve them.

Have no goals? Don’t have an actual plan? Well then you might as well make a bunch of New Years resolutions because that has as much a chance of helping you move forward in life as No Goals and No Plan.

Ok, so you have written goals, and you have a viable work plan to achieve them. That will not automatically grant you success. You still have to BEGIN. Perhaps you have heard, “Well begun is half done.”

I am the proud owner of a 1980 set of cassette recordings by Zig Ziglar entitled, “How To Stay Motivated.” Not everybody likes Zig. My wife likes what he says but doesn’t like to listen to his voice. But to me the way he tells a story goes a long way toward making his point sink inĀ  to genuine effect. One of my favorites is this piece called ‘cooked in the squat.’

Cooked In The Squat

Remember, your future begins today – not tomorrow!

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