Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

We’ve all heard the song and I’ll bet that most of us have actually sang along or at the very least tapped their foot to the beat…come on you can admit it! It’s a very catchy tune and was very, very popular a little while back and is still used by many people in the personal development area. The song has a simple message: don’t let life get you down…smile and be happy to be alive.

Can life really be that simple? Can we really just make a conscious choice to not worry about life’s problems and just skip through life without a care in the world?

No I don’t think so. Not unless you happen to be one of the few in this country that is allowed to use medical marijuana and therefore are stoned out of your mind all the time!

But I do think that we can be happier then we currently allow ourselves to be and spend less time consumed by the worrying about life that we all get consumed with.

Everything in moderation right?

Well then why don’t we get our full share of happiness? Why do we allow life to take that share of happiness, twist it and lump it in with the share of worry that we get in our lives?

My grandmother (God rest her beautiful soul) was the single most worrisome person I have ever met in my life. Not only did she worry about her husband, children, their spouses, her grandchildren and their friends but she worried about whether it was going to rain or be sunny, whether or not the crime rate was increasing or decreasing, whether or not the price of milk was going to increase $0.03 this week.

She watched hour after hour of local news because she needed to know just how many rapes, robberies and murders had been committed in the last 24 hours.

I loved my grandmother and miss her dearly and believe that to some degree the life of worry was pushed upon her. She was born in a little village in the Ukraine and as a teenager was taken from her home by the Nazi’s because she was the oldest and forced to work as a maid for one of the muckety-mucks in the German government. She saw more atrocities and experienced more genuine evil before her 25th birthday than most people do in three lifetimes. I have more respect for her and my grandfather for what they accomplished in their lives than just about anybody else I know.

So on one hand we have Mr. McFerrin with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and on the other hand we have my grandmother who was all worry all the time. Two very extreme examples wouldn’t you say?

So where does that leave us? My guess is that for most of us it leaves us somewhere in the middle. Is that good enough? In my opinion…no that is not good enough.

You wouldn’t be here reading this if you were okay with just staying where you are at right? So how do we get better? How do we worry less and smile more? How do we let go of some of the fear and worry and smell the roses occasionally?

To me there is a very SIMPLE answer to that: FAITH. Please notice that I said simple and not easy. Having faith is what has brought me through every single dark night I have ever experienced in my life.

I am not going to tell you what or who to have faith in…that is a personal decision that only you can come to but I will tell you that for me I put my faith in Jesus Christ and it has made all the difference in the world.

When you have faith, when you truly believe that there is a guiding force in all of our lives that has a plan for you and is taking you on a specific journey for a specific reason it makes it simple to let go of the worry and fear and move forward in your life.

You are still responsible for your life and the results of your actions, don’t think this is a free pass to do whatever you feel like when you feel like it but know that if you carefully consider every action, research what you can, ask for help and guidance and pray (or contemplate if that fits better for you) your actions everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Does that mean you won’t lose your job? No.

Does that mean you won’t go through bankruptcy, drug addiction, personal defeat, lose a loved one or any of a million other bad things? No.

It does mean that there is a reason for everything and eventually things can get better.

It means don’t give up, don’t surrender and don’t ever think you are alone in this world.

So yes…”Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

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