Step by Step – On the Way to Your Goal

A Goal – Yes You Have One

Even if you don’t think you do, you have goals. Think about it this way. Every time you get out of bed, every time you open your mouth, each time you head to the store, when you go to school, or to work – in each and every instance you have goals.

If you think of it in that context, we all already have goals in our life, so moving on to the next step is not a huge leap. The next step is setting a goal or several goals for yourself, for your life and for your future.

We can talk about how to choose your goals another time, but what about the goals you already have that you aren’t reaching? The mistake we all make comes down to a lack of focus, or perhaps, focused effort. We forget the real life consequences of two major laws/principles. Specifically, ‘Cause and Effect‘ and ‘Opportunity Cost.’

We reach our goals one step at a time. That is, one step forward.

But what about the other steps we take?

Let’s face it – we don’t usually walk straight at our goal, step after step after step. We all know the old saw “one step forward, two steps back” because that is how we live our lives.

But how does that relate to our journey? Remember, we are on the way to a goal, right?

What does it mean?

Let’s over – simplify what is going on. Your goal is to walk from A to B, it is a trip of only twenty feet and you take steps of approximately two feet at a time. Okay, really simple then. Just ten steps and you will reach your goal. So, do you walk straight over there – straight to your goal?

Remember now, this is a simplified example……In real life, when moving toward your real goal to you actually walk right over? Ten straight steps in a row toward your goal? No, you don’t. I don’t – we do not. We move forward, backward and sideways. We walk in circles,

but we almost never walk, step after step straight to our goal. We just don’t tend to live that way.

On the Way to Your Goal

Okay, point made, now let’s take a look at how the two Laws apply here.

  • Cause and Effect: Everything you do or don’t do is a cause and has some effect on your life – whether it is the one you wanted or not.
  • Opportunity Cost: Everything that you do stops you from doing something else. If you are walking in a circle you obviously are not moving forward.

When you are walking toward that goal (point B) you are either moving forward or you are not. It seems so simple, so obvious, and yet in the day to day most of us miss it.

Only the steps forward are helping you get there. Every step that is not forward, is stopping you from reaching your goal. Sure, you know that the steps backward are moving you away from the goal, but all those sideways steps and those going in circles are actively holding you back from your goals.

Everything you do is either moving you forward or holding you back. Every second, minute, hour, day, week and month that you spend that is not working toward your goal is preventing you from achieving it. Each thing that you do, each thing you spend time on, everything that you spend mental energy on: everything in your life, is either moving you toward your goals, or holding you back.

When you approach it from that perspective, how you spend your time and energy takes on a different and much more serious aspect. An associate of mine created a graphic that may help you think ‘righter’ about reaching your goals.

Graphic created by Kelly McCausey at Solo Smarts. Thanks Kelly, I love it! Check out her site for lots of great info, podcasts and more.

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