Life Can Be Hard

The journey of life can sometimes feel like you have a ton of bricks on your shoulders can’t it?

Everything seems wrong, nothing goes the way you plan it and all doors seem to close in your face as you reach for the doorknob.

That great job you were a shoe-in for falls through, your wife gets pregnant when you can barely pay the bills now, the “great opportunity” you were counting on doesn’t turn out as good as you thought it would or there are always 3 more things to do than you can get done.

We have all been there and are still there!

It makes you feel inadequate, incomplete or just plain overwhelmed…you sit there and think there is no way you can get out from under, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Whether you call it Murphy’s Law, Fate or God’s Divine Plan for our lives it’s there and it stinks at times!

So how do we cope? How do we manage to keep going day in and day out no matter what obstacles are put in our way?

To me the answer is simple: Faith & Hope.

We hope that things will get better, that there is a better job on the horizon, that we can rise to the occasion and we have hope that somewhere, somehow we will be able to smile again.

We have faith in God, in our resiliance, in our country or family or friends that we can overcome. Or we just have faith that at some point Murphy’s Law is going to work in our favor.

Before my father-in-law passed away he had a favorite saying whenever asked how we was doing: “I’ve never had a bad day in my life, some bad nights but never a bad day!” I absolutely loved that cliche!

We all go through bad nights in our life…it’s just part of life but you know what? The Sun always rises, the darkness recedes and that big, beautiful ball of fire illuminates everything.

Have you seen the sunrise lately? I don’t mean while you are driving to work during the time that the sun rises, I mean have you actually seen the sunrise lately?

If not, this coming weekend or the next time you have a day off set the alarm clock for about 30 minutes before sunrise. Grab a cup of your favorite morning beverage (heavily caffeinated and sugared up coffee for me!) and find a place away from man-made structures (houses, building, traffic lights, telephone poles, etc…) and face East.

Now if you timed it right it should still be mostly dark out there and you should just be able to pick out your surroundings in the darkness. Sit and be as still as possible. Drink your beverage and just concentrate on what is going on around you. The sounds, the smells and maybe even the little animals whose home you have entered.

Is it starting to get a little lighter? Can you start to pick out some of the details, some of the colors?

Are you hearing the life all around you yet? Are you feeling the wind passing around you?

Now it is obviously and definitely lighter. You can clearly see the trees, their branches, the grass, the brush and all details around you.

What’s that smell? Is that the rich smell of dew on the grass and leaves of the trees?

There it is! There’s the very top of the Sun. Watch it come over the horizon, see it grow and grow and become the beacon of light that we live with everyday but never really see.

How do you feel? Is all that fear and uncertainty and discomfort you felt sitting alone in the dark gone?

Do you feel safer, more secure and maybe even a little happy?

Now take that feeling and enjoy it, experience it fully and remember it everytime the darkness starts encroaching into your life.

Life Can Be Hard…Yes that’s true but it can also BE GLORIOUS!


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2 Responses to Life Can Be Hard

  1. I was thinking about releasing this post, but then there are plenty of readers that would have done the same.

  2. SofW says:

    If you think it deserves it then……Don’t think about it – just do it!

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