Living Well

Over the years I have read many, many books on improving myself and have found that to me a lot of them boil down to one thing: Live Well. I know that a lot of people out there would disagree with this statement or at least think that it is a MAJOR over-simplification but bear with me for a little while.

Why are you reading this blog? Most likely it’s because of one of the following reasons:
1.    You want to be better (person, husband, wife, employee, parent, etc…)
2.    You want to achieve a goal you set
3.    You want to achieve a life’s dream
4.    You want to earn more money
5.    You want to like yourself
6.    You want to do or be something more than you are now

So what do you do…you read books, listen to tapes, visit self-improvement websites and attend self-improvement seminars and attend religious services. All in an effort to figure out life’s secret so you can do something or be something more than you are now.
Does any of this stuff work? Do you feel differently after reading a book? Do you act differently after you attend a seminar? Do you make better decisions in life than you did before you read that blog?

Hopefully…hopefully in some small way something in each and everything you read, listen to or attend gets through that thick brain we all seem to have and makes some tiny little difference.

A very wise man I have the honor and privilege of calling my Dad once told me that just about every time he does something to improve himself he comes away from that activity with a nugget. One little sentence or phrase or thought that he can implement in his life to make things different. Sometimes those nuggets are huge and make significant change immediately in his life and sometimes that nugget is very, very tiny and doesn’t make much of a ripple on the surface but over time and with consistent effort will have a major impact.
To me, Living Well is a nugget that has impacted the way I think, act and feel about everything and everybody in my life. It has changed my world!

Living Well to me means to give 120% in everything I do or to not do it. If I am writing an article it means writing, writing and writing some more and then editing, editing and editing some more until that article is exactly what and how I wanted to say on a subject.
If I am spending time with my family at a summer barbeque then I am completely and wholeheartedly there and not worrying about work tomorrow or the article I have to write this week or whether or not it’s going to rain…I am fully and completely involved in being the best me at that bbq that I can be.

If I am on a camping trip with my boy scout troop then I am fully involved in making sure the boys not only have fun but that they are safe and most importantly that they are learning about life, about the outdoors and/or about relationship development with their fellow scouts.

Living Well is about thinking, dreaming, planning AND THEN EXECUTING exactly what you want in your life. It’s about making conscious decisions and then enjoying the results of those decisions and not worrying about the if…come. You decided that this Sunday you are going to take the kids out and go swimming at the beach or the ocean or the local swimming pool…okay then while you are there turn off the stupid cell phone, unplug the radio and the iPod and swim in the water with the kids and don’t think of anything else!
You can live completely in the moment and still plan for the future…you can have it all!

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