Mind Fog

A Guest Post

Mind Fog,

Some days are just not clear. You have Mind Fog. And in today’s anxiety filled world, that is not a good place to be in. I was prompted to create this post because I had one of those long seemingly valueless days. So, I took my medicine, 3 beers, and 2 scotches, and started to write.

The Internet mass of business systems, techniques, email list, CPA, products, JV’s, Panda & Penguins, followers and likes, social media, social proof, is enough to make anyone drink. I spent most of the day bouncing from topic to topic, except at one point I got hooked on a problem that lured me in like a trap and couldn’t let go of me.

And before I knew it, I fell victim of wasting my time and energy. Nothing seemed to help me, I was fixated on a minor problem, and a technical one at that which didn’t really matter much anyway. I needed a way out, but nothing seemed to alleviate the head banging,

Finally, I realized that if I stay here making no headway, the mind fog would completely ruin my day and even my life. So, I quickly decided and knew I needed to clear the view and nail it.

The result? This quick little article, like a warning on a bottle of beer or pack of cigarettes, that you can post on your site beware of mind fog: It reads as follows:

***************** WARNING *******************
Reading this material may cause a condition known as Mind Fog.
Proceed with caution, even this warning could be hazardous to your well being
and distract you from doing something much more important. Mind Fog can
lead to paralyzes of creative energy, buggy eyes, blank stares, deftness, loss of
appetite, and yearning for more mind numbing material along with a sore ass.
Mind Fog is a trap, do not fall into the zone of unproductive energy. A good
example would be you reading this warning. It is MIND FOG. It gets you
NO PLACE. It is degenerative, demoralizing, disgusting, and downright worthless.
Why then not heed this warning and STOP the fog.
***************END OF WARNING*****************

There you have it. The cure to mind fog is reading this warning and realizing you may be wasting your time with unproductive activity. Mind Fog is real, people all over the Internet and in real life experience it all the time. We are even addicted to it, but beware, it will and can lead to unproductive activity. As a good measure and suggestion, copy and paste this warning anywhere you can refer to it time and time again.

By Ewrec

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  1. thank you.. Nicely written

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