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URGENT: 48 hours left to insure a Happy New Year

Years ago I learned about Positive Thinking, the Laws of Attraction and the
Mastermind Principle. Those who know me well, will agree without hesitation
that the application of this knowledge changed me tremendously. And those
changes saved my marriage, my relationship with my children and quite
possibly my life.

I’ve read all the books and the things that make it all work right are Mentoring
and Association. My previous sources are not available in my life right now. I
am excited to share with you another source I have discovered and am
availing myself of.

A Mastermind Group and teaching, led online by Mark Hendricks. Here is
what he recently wrote to me:

“Many people take time to think about the past year this
week and how they’re going to make next year better. Here’s
how I have helped others and I’d be honored if you’d allow
me to help you too… (I guarantee this will make a huge
difference in your life):

The REAL Secret – Ultimate Success Program

And remember…The special offer I’ve made also disappears after
January 1st, so take advantage of it while you can.”

The special offer? Normally membership in this group costs $10
a month or a one time payment of $97. Through 1-1-12 Mark is
taking on new members in the Ultimate Success Program for a
one time payment of $19.70.

I am already doing this – won’t you join me?

In my opinion this is well worth it at full price, so if you miss
the special deal you might want to still consider it. But if you
are like me – hey, do it now and save the money!

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One Response to Read Immediately!

  1. SofW says:

    Since I posted this several months ago, Mark has returned the Program to it’s normal price of $97 (one time) or $10 a month for the year. The self development program he offers is well worth that price. Check the link, he occasionally drops the price.

    Personally, having been in it for a couple of months, I think the time to do it is now, and start reaping the benefits immediately.

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