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The Most Effective Self-Help Book EVER Written

You will find many useful tools here, both in audio form and for your reading pleasure. But not all the truly GREAT books are in the public domain. But if self improvement works are so helpful, then why are there … Continue reading

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Integrity…how do you teach it?

I am heavily involved in my local boy scout troop, actually I am the Scoutmaster. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the scouts, being scoutmaster means that you are the one who gets beaten up when things don’t … Continue reading

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The Log In My Eye

I recently had a revelation of sorts….I realized that I’m not perfect. Yeah, I know my kids could have told me that! What I mean is that I I have no problem whatsoever telling other people about the splinter in … Continue reading

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Be A Worthy Role Model

Whether we know it or not just about every adult is a role model of one sort or another. Somebody, somewhere looks to you for inspiration. The question is whether we are a positive role model or a negative role … Continue reading

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Why Am I Here?

Why was I asked to contribute to StudentofWinning? Who am I to think I can offer advice and suggestions to you about being a better person? Why should you listen to a word I say?

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