The Truth About Winning

It seems crass to write about Winning in light of the devastation in Haiti caused by the recent earthquake. Yet nothing can be done to fix the past, we can only react to it. This has been one of my main thrusts after understanding what the mindset of WINNING is really about,

A/ After the fact is always too late. We must learn to be proactive in every aspect of our lives.
B/ Learn to sort out they things you can change and those you can’t. Upon care full reflection there is much we can affect by forethought, while we tend to worry about things that might happen that we have absolutely no control over. This requires careful consideration.
C/ In the end we all die alone. It becomes the responsibility of each one of us to prepare for the future. In the airplane talk they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on a child. Why is that? You can not save a drowning man if you can’t swim. You can not help the child if you are impaired.
D/ Community is very important. Family is even more so. But we must first be dependable that they may rely on us. After all how can we depend on others if they cannot depend on us.

This, as a concept, is part and parcel the root cause of so much that happens in the world today. So many are looking to others for everything that there becomes no one to look to. People have come to rely on government or some other social construct for everything. They no longer recall the simple truth that your only security in life lies in your own heart, head, and hand. In that exact order.

In the country of Haiti the Literacy rate is 53%, and some 80% live below the Poverty Line. There is widespread unemployment & underemployment as more than 2/3 of the labor force do not have formal jobs. (Sources: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; CIA World Factbook; ESRI; USGS) Very few reading this fall anywhere near the level of difficulty, in the sense of starting place, as these people do. The USA has a big heart when it comes to giving to those in need. By the standards of much of the world we are indeed rich, and it is written “to whom much is given, much is expected.” When discussing financial success many run down the goal of earning more. How then are we to sustain any worthwhile level of giving if we have naught to give. When you are struggling to put food in your plate the idea of giving moves much lower on your priority list. To give you must first have.

A Student of Winning fully realizes that the “rising tide raises all ships.” Not money for money’s sake but to create a better life for you, yours, and THEREFORE THOSE AROUND YOU. People who would hold back business from being profitable are foolish. They are failing to understanding what Capitalism is about. The media spew bile about “greedy Capitalists” without mentioning the fact that in the unfettered (by government?) competitive system things always improve. The only controls needed are those that prevent the elimination of the opportunity to compete. In the USA the system has been fraught with abuse and problems – yet the system is not at fault. In any system you can name there are those who abuse it. A currently popular saying today is “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” This is of course crap. It’s the crooked player that makes the game crooked. Interesting that the clearly failed idea of Communism (not usually marketed by that name now) is touted as the solution to all problems. Simply explained, if you are allowed to have then most will give back, if you are not permitted to have, or when you earn more it is stripped from you to be given to those who will not work extra to earn extra, then you stop working extra and you stop giving. The result? Broken people, broken governments and an overall hopelessness. When you are not allowed to win honestly most will either find a way to cheat or stop trying.

Take up the mantra of Individual Responsibility. Live it, talk it and teach it by example. Will ‘stuff’ happen to you? Of course! Doesn’t knowing that free you from worry? Be prepared and the strength that comes will help you weather the storms of life. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. Carry the umbrellas of knowledge and work ethic, thereby being more prepared than most you will ever meet. Be among the just and you are already Winning.

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